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Ex1. 1. Sam usually plays football every Wednesday. 2. She loves watching series. 3. Nowadays, teenagers spend a lot of time using Facebook. 4. Children hate doing homework. 5. Listen! Someone is playing the guitar near here. 6. My dad works in the hospital. 7. My best friend is riding her horse now. 8. I always read books on summer. 9. My little brother is watching his favourite cartoon right now. 10. We sometimes travel to Brazil during summer holidays. Ex2. 1. Does she go to school by car every day? 2. Is he drinking coffee now? 3. Do you wash the dishes after you finish eating lunch? 4. Are they shaking hands right now? 5. Do you go to play football on Sundays? 6. Is April watching TV at the moment? 7. Do you usually play computer games every day? 8. Does he go swimming twice a week?


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