You (1) ... (rent) a car in New York as there is a good subway system but if you do, you (2) ... (be able) to prove you are over 25 years old. You (3) ... (hold) a valid International Driver’s License and a credit card or you (4) ... (pay) a large deposit. Unless you are adequately covered by your own insurance policy, you (5) ... (also / take) out damage and liability protection as vandalism is common. It is also recommended that you refill with gas before you return the car or you (6) ... (pay) double the normal price for fuel.
Parking in Manhattan is difficult and costly. Don’t be tempted to park at out-of- order meters – you (7) ... (well / receive) a parking ticket. Yellow street and curb markings mean that you (8) ... (park).
Alternate-side parking applies on most of the city’s side streets. This means that you (9) ... (leave) your vehicle all day and night but it (10) ... (move) to the other side of the street before 8 am the next day.

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1 don’t have to rent

2 must be able

3 must hold

4 will have to pay

5 should also take

6 will have to pay

7 might well receive

8 can’t park

9 can leave

10 must be moved


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