2. Write questions.
1 Some children spend all day playing computer games. (Who?)
2. Nick likes surfing the Net. (What?)
3. Gregory doesn\'t spend much time for exercising. (How muchas
4. The Internet helps much in learning. (What?)
5. Posting a photo online is safe. (Where?)
6. You can download music from this site, (What?)
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1. Who spend all day playing computer games?
(Ответ: Some children)
2. What does Nick like?
(Ответ: He likes surfing the Net)
3. How much Gregory spend time for exercising?
(Ответ: Gregory doesn’t spend much time for exercising)
4. What does help much in learning?
(Oтвет: The Internet)

5. Where post a photo is safe?

6. What can you download from this site?

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