1 How would you react if a friend broke a promise you\'d asked them to keep?
2 What would you do if they threatened to tell a secret you\'d told them?
3 Have you ever accepted the blame for something you didn\'t do? If yes, why?
4 In what type of situations, if any, do you like people to leave you alone?
5 How much does it bother you if someone makes fun of you?
6 How important do you think it is to obey rules at home?
7 How would you react if a friend wanted to punish you by not talking to you?

a laugh at somebody or make other people laugh at them, usually in an unkind way b stop annoying or talking to somebody c make somebody suffer because they have done something wrong
d say that something is your fault
e not do what you said you would definitely do
f do what you are told to do g tell someone you will cause trouble if they don\'t do what you want​
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pasaeva200 2 года назад
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1. I would be very upset. after all, I trusted a friend and trusted him with my secret.

2. I would also threaten them with something very important to them. Surely these are just empty threats to scare me.

3. I have never taken the blame on myself, because the act, good or bad, was not committed by me.

4. I prefer to stay alone in those situations when I am busy or annoyed.

5. It doesn't bother me at all.

6. It is very important, because if you violate it, you will be punished.

7. I would stop being friends with him, because he is not a friend, but a traitor.

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