Complete each sentence, using an indefinite pronoun (something, everybody, etc.) and a word or phrase from the box.
cool and dark
too crowded
good enough
rich and famous
in Europe
in the shops

2 .I don\'t want to go______ to spend some time alone.
3. A: What do you want to drink? B: ________.- I want Tea, coffee, I don\'t mind.
4. We wanted to find a new drummer for our band, but unfortunately, there was ________.
5. I didn\'t buy anything________was really expensive.
6. You need to keep this plant _____for two months, like your fridge.
7 .A: What are you doing at the weekend? B: ______________. I\'ll probably just stay at home.
8 .He\'s been almost ____________but he\'s never been to Africa.
9. I can\'t go to the concert, so if________ me know. wants my tickets, please let
10. I want to marry_________.​
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2. Somewhere too overcrowded

3. Something hot

4. No one good enough

5. Everything in the shops

6. Somewhere cool and dark

7. Nothing nice

8. Everywhere in Europe

9. Someone rich and famous

10. Someone else

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