Open the brackets using Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous. Write down full sentences.

_____ you currently _____ (look) for a job?
He _____ (play) baseball when he was a boy.
When I saw her last time, she _____ (wear) a huge green dress.
Our company _____ (start) work at 9:30.
Jenny never _____ (speak) to me that way when she was younger.
What items _____ people _____ (buy) more frequently?
How often _____ you _____ (travel) before the pandemic?
My neighbour’s annoying dog _____ (always / dig) holes in my yard!
Look! Matt _____ (walk) again.
It _____ raining cats and dogs all last week.

ахахахахаахахахахахахахах, опять нашлись на одинаковых заданиях)))

этот ответ точно правильный?

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2.used to play

3. was wearing


5.had never spoken

7.had you traveled

8. always digs walking

10. had been

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