Артикли, помогите с этими двумя упражнениями. 11 класс
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ciaromee 2 года назад
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1. The new doctor is called Hilary.

2. Sammy is a nurse.

3. There is a bank downtown.

4. Is there a hospital near there?

5. The gym is near Sam's house.

6. There is a new cafe in town.

7. The hotel on Elm Lane is nice.

8. A new teacher is good.

9. There's a old theater in town.

1. I have a teacher and a brother.

2. There is a library on Queens Road.

3. I bought an apple and an orange.

4. Is there a bank near there?

5. There is a cafe at the bus station.

6. My dad is an engineer.

7. There is a cell phone on the table.

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