Review Unit 1 50 12 3 Helen + 8 Complete the dialogue with the correct negative or interrogative present simple form of the verbs in brackets. Helen Have you got a big family, Linda? Linda Yes. I have. Helen What ? (your parents / do) Linda My dad\'s got a restaurant. He works there every day. (not see) him very much. My mum (not work) in the restaurant She stays at home and looks after us. in a big house? (you / live) Linda No. it\'s quite (not like) my house very much, because ! haven\'t got my own room How about you? a room? (you/share) Helen No.1 don\'t I haven\'t got any brothers and sisters. It\'s just my mum and me Linda What? ? (your mum/do) Helen She\'s a doctor. She works in the hospital, but she (not like) it very much Come on! I can show you my room Mark: 1 R Jse of EEnglish

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Ответ: your parents do? not see him  

3.does not work  

4.Do you live  

5.I do not like  

6.Do you share  

7.does your mom do?  

8.does not like it


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