Прошу исправить меня по грамматике и дать необходимые советы в описании картинки. Разумно оцените на какую бы оценку было данное описание.


in the photo we can see a sunny summer day in the park. in the foreground we can see a woman who is lying on the grass and listening something in the headphones. This woman looks young i can suggest she is twenty. She has a blond hair and she is wearing in pink t-shirt and whitejeans. I think she is listening song of her favourite singer ans singing along, probably it makes her smiling.

Also maybe she is listening audio course and repeating his speech to not forget necessary information. It looks nice.

In the background of this photo we can see the beautifull glade and the several trees. I like this photo because i also like spend time outside.
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artemsuvorov2 2 года назад
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Ответ: in the photo we can see можно использовать this picture show так будет красивее и ещё у тебя, возможно, ошибка ansв конце первого параграфа. Оценка мб будет 5


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