Виберіть правильне модальне дієслово
1. ____ I come in?
a) may b) can c) could d) am
2. Ducks ____ swim very well.
a) may b) can c) have d) should
3. We _____ not imagine him speaking in public because he was very shy.
а) might b) can c) could d) may
4. You ____ not argue with the boss.
a) can b) need c) have to d) must
5. As they had agreed before, they _____ to go to the cinema together that evening.
a) was b) were c) had d) might
6. I could not wait for you any longer because I _____ to go to the meeting.
a) had b) was c) might d) must
7. She ___ to wash the dishes after dinner last night. It was her turn.
a) have b) has c) had d) must
8. I can’t help you now but I _______ to do it next week.
a) must b) can c) will d) will be able
9. We don’t have English on Tuesday. So, you ______ not do our home task.
a) can b) mustn’t c) need d) needn’t
10. I _____ to walk the dog now, my mother asked me to do it.
a) must b) may c) can d) have
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deprussion 3 года назад
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1. a

2. b

3. c

4. d

5. c

6. a

7. c

8. d

9. a


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