Жажпжпжпжпжпжпжпжжпжпжпжпжпж помагите​


из маего класса могут ответ свистануть

Ааа понятное.

это задание скок надо делать

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remontamir90 3 года назад
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There are so many healthy habits in the world that can affect your life in a good way. For example, drinking a lot of water is a very good habit, just as good as playing sports, running, and strength training. I have a habit of cycling and drinking a lot of water in a day. I would like to have a habit of doing sports in the morning. Because it will help improve your health. Healthy habits improve our lives in different ways. For example, if you go in for sports, your body will be more toned, if you eat right, your face will improve, as will your body and senses. Because if a person wakes up late, eat fast food, do not drink water, do not engage in power loads.He can get fat, it will be very hard and bad for him. If you do not already say how he feels. Healthy vaccinations are very important to our life!


Я делала сама, надеюсь поможет!

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