Means of transportation de logue
tubete mnom tare cat sou help me
Mark en protamas mas help you!
Mark I am not sun bur I think the new ones fomento al pom
Bobcant svart that don\'What time the next
Mark It should by in about ne hour it to the hos station at about to
Mark The tax, of cours voulone to do is to all and ask for a taxi and it will come racht away
Bob low are weht but which is the cheapest one
Mark The cheapest means of transportation is the way
not limnhalte router or soon a nulid lion in Concelle
Mark You\'re the Hut anyway they don\'t you just walk onts like 5 minutes away from
Bob lounasolutely night Thanks for your help.

6. Wote the mass of transports from the dialogue
7. While the names of places from the dialogue​
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