Task 1. Choose a correct variant.
1) His first two space flights were abroad the Russian space station “Mir”
A) T. Aubakirov.
B) T. Musabaev.
C) Y. Lonchakoy.

2) He loved paintings of trains and elephants.
A) M. Skepherd
B) D. Sheferd.
C) D. Shepherd.

3) When Walikhanov\'s caravan arrived in Kashgar?
A) June , 1868
B) November 1958
C) October 1858

4) Female aviator, Which flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
A) Mary Earhart.
B) Emily Earhart.
C) Ameli Earhart.

5) What car did Elon Musk create?
A) Tecla
B) Tesla
C) Toyota
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  1. B) T. Musabaev
  2. C) D. Shepherd
  3. C) October, 1858
  4. C) Amelia Earhart
  5. B) Tesla

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