Some people think that clothes tell about your personality. Do you agree? Write an opinion essay of 100-120 words. The following prompts could help organize your writing:
•                  • How popular shopping in Kazakhstan is.
•                  • What clothes teenagers usually wear.
• What clothes will be popular in future. пожалуйста помогите​
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assiya0099 3 года назад
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Ответ: As for me, clothes should not speak of a person's personality. A person dresses as he is comfortable or he considers beautiful. Shopping in Kazakhstan is very popular at the moment among all ages. Teenagers have a lot of different styles of dressing, but most often teenagers wear pants, skirts, T-shirts, tops and shirts. According to my assumptions in the future, there will also be many different styles and there will not be one image in which all teenagers will go, but I believe that fashion will only get better. For us, future fashion may seem extraordinary because we are used to ours, just as our parents think that our fashion is a little strange


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