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Throwing Mum and Dad a surprise party for their anniversary this year is really a bright idea!

2 Why don’t you take part in the cooking contest? I’m sure you’ll be the winner!

3 If you see a spider, make sure you don’t kill it; I’ve heard it’s bad luck.

4 We always sing Christmas carols during the holidays, as it is a strong tradition in my family.

5 Over the years, this organisation has raised a lot of money for different local charities.

6 The night sky burst with colour when the magnificent fireworks display began.

7 Henry really enjoyed the opportunity to experience return as a knight at England’s Medieval Festival last month.

8 It’s amazing how the town residents have transformed the local square into an open-air theatre for next week’s music festival.

9 The children were thrilled to see Disney floats at this year’s colourful street parade.

10 Take a spare change of warm clothes with you on your camping trip; I’ve heard it gets quite cold in the mountains at night.



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