Task 1 Reading Read the dialogue about transportation
Bob: Hello, I\'m sorry, but I am late. Can you help me?
Mark Sure, no problem! How may I help you?
Bob: When is the next train to Ansonia?
Mark I am not sure, but I think the next one leaves tomorrow at 8 pm.
Bob: What?! I can\'t wait that long! What time is the next bus?
Mark It should go by in about two hours. It leaves the bus station at about 5.30 pm
Bob: Well, I don\'t know isn\'t there any other option?
Mark You could take a taxi_
Bob: What\'s faster the bus or the taxi?
Mark: The taxi, of course! All you have to do is to call and ask for a taxi and it will come
night away
Bob: You are right, but which is the cheapest one?
Mark: The cheapest means of transportation is the subway
Bob: When have you ever seen a subway here in Connecticut?
Mark: You\'re right But anyway why don\'t you just go walking? It\'s only like twenty five m
inutes away from here
Bob: You\'re absolutely night. Thanks for your help
Choose the right option
1. Bob wants to go to [1]
A) Connecticut
B) Ansonia
C) Bus station
D) Home
2. The train leaves _ [1]
A) At 5 30 pm
B) In 25 minutes C) At 8 pm
D) Right aw
3. The fastest means of transportation is _ [1]
A) Train
B) Bus
C) Taxi
D) Subway
4. The cheapest means of transportation is - [1]
A) Train
B) Bus
C) Taxi
D) Subway
5. How long will it take for Bob to walk? [1]
A) 25 minutes
B) 27 minutes C) 28 minutes D) 21 minutes
Lise the following words​
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1. B

2. A

3. C

4. D

5. A


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