помогите пожалуйста​

мне до 6 нужно сдать, помогите пожалуйста

очень надо


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Kindly9012 3 года назад
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Write the questions to match the answers:

1) Where did you go last year?

2) Where does she was?

3) What does she wathed yesterday?

4) How did they get to the stadium?

5) What time did we washed dishes?

6) Who phoned his father?

Correct the mistakes

1) What did you 'buy' yesterday?

2) 'Do' you late for the lesson?

3) They 'built' a lot of buildings in this city

4) Where did you 'buy' this computer?

5) 'Does' he hungry?

6) Where did he 'begin' to study in 2016?


Со словами Do или Does, вторая или третья форма глагола ( например форма Bought для слова buy ) не требуется.

Для i, you, we, they, используем слово Do

Для He, She, It используем Does  

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